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About Artimen

THE SHOE GARAGE also known as TSG, embarked its journey in the retailing business in New Delhi, the capital of India in 1999 ’TSG in its early days functioned out of a garage in a residential area with only a 100 pairs on display. Prior to its retailing venture, TSG operated as a ‘manufacturing’ and a ‘fabricating’ unit under the name of ‘M/S Rare Fashions’ or ‘RA’ for close to 10years. Gaining substantial experience and expertise from the local footwear industry in India, ‘RA’ rightly leveraged this knowledge in expanding itself into the field of ‘Exports’, beyond the local Indian market, mainly Russia, Portugal, US and Saudi Arabia.
This experience encouraged ‘RA’, a pure manufacturing unit, to venture out in the retailing business while keeping its manufacturing capabilities as a value-addition in the retailing business. ‘RA’ on entering the retailing business, renamed itself as 
‘The Shoe Garage’, popularly known as TSG.

It was during this approach, that TSG invoked an innovative transformation in its business model by incorporating a new approach in its traditional way of selling shoes. It began one of the city’s first ‘made-to-order’ or ‘ be spoke’  footwear services, where customers were finally allowed to create and design their own footwear. This ‘customization’ feature encouraged creativity to flow in and out of the system. In the last 17 years, TSG has managed to enforce such high a level of customisation and quality that it recently bestowed the honour of being amongst "Top 150 Best Shops Boutiques in New Delhi".

“Brand Loyalty and Customer Engagement have turned a passion for footwear into a lifestyle for your feet.” (Elle Magazine)

The latest addition of TSG in its portfolio is Artimen which caters to ‘Craft for Men’ when it comes to styling shoes for their feet basis their personal style !!

 Artimen derived its name from its mission of creating ‘Art for Men.’ Founded by The Shoe Garage, the brand diversified from its initial introduction to the shoe industry into creating its own range of men’s bespoke footwear, called Artimen.

Artimen not only has its independent collection of shoes but also allows the customers to get a feel of being a designer of their own shoes.

With our label, we not only offer a run of the mill store but an experience which makes the shoe game even more interesting.

It is a playground where you are allowed to come play with the designs and test your imagination.

 “You Imagine, We Create”

Artimen – ‘ Art for Men’

Soulfully handcrafted shoes for men who value their feet in style !!

 We assure you what you have in your mind will soon be on your feet !!