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It's an amazing piece of art and style. I have been using Artimen products from a long time and I have never faced any issue. I recently bought two more pairs. Both shoes - formal & party wear - are too comfortable. They are beyond comparison. - Rishabh Babbar

• The first pair I got, I think has lasted at least a 150 days of wear and 4k-5k steps a day (I walk a lot in office)... having tried every brand and studio across price ranges I was delighted to be using such a great pair of shoes, which looks stunning, are comfortable like a sneaker, custom made with great leather and more importantly, team Artimen is not only focused on selling but they provide a great service for maintaining the shoes in a state, they were delivered first day. - Aayush Gupta

• Came across Artimen through a search for hand-made shoes, liked the design so much that I ordered three shoes, got them delivered as promised. One of the shoe didn't fit well but it wasn't a problem as Artimen swapped a new one, so overall I am very happy and impressed by the team. - Vinay Baid

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