'5 6 7 8'

Rs. 11,500

ARTIMEN Lockdown Edition -5 6 7 8 !!

Lets Dance !! C'mon !!

What kept you going during the recent lockdown months - mastered a new skill, started your fitness journey, or got married?

It's time to celebrate the pleasure or passion that made your stay-at-home days better!

Spread love with Dance and Music. The best people could do for others is to create music for our ears and beautiful dance form for our eyes .

We know quite a few amazing dancers who did their best to spread love and positivity with their dance and we loved it. Dance is probably the best way to keep fit and entertained. 

ARTIMEN presents Lockdown Edition Sneakers - personalised to tell the story of your lockdown journey. 

*For further customization in material/design/color, Whatsapp us on +91 9810978312

"We at Artimen follow UK sizes"

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