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Our Story

Artimen, founded by The Shoe Garage (TSG), is one of Delhi’s first made-to-order bespoke footwear brands for men. The essence of Artimen lies in the ambitions of the founder, Sukrit Khanna, who wanted a bespoke pair of shoes, but wasn't satisfied with any of the services found in Delhi for this niche demand. Sukrit collaborated with his father, Rajan Khanna (founder of TSG), to make a customised pair for himself. The end product was a simple pair of leather loafers with tassels that impressed many friends and family. Soon enough, they took an interest in procuring their own bespoke footwear. At this point, the idea of Artimen started to take shape. It wasn’t long before the brand inaugurated its first lounge store at Shahpur Jat, followed by another at DLF Avenue, Saket (formerly DLF Place). Soon after, it found itself in the International market, including a display at the Level Shoes in Dubai next to top global brands such as Louboutin, Berlutti, Magnanni, and Ferragamo. Mr Christian Louboutin himself was visibly impressed with Artimen’s collection and even shared some insider tips on footwear designs with Khanna. The Artimen store itself is an experience where customers pick out high-quality popular or custom designs to use as a template for a one-of-its-kind piece that cannot be bought anywhere else. A veritable playground of creativity and originality with master artisans who have been polishing their craft for well over a decade, Artimen is much more than your average shoe store. Every product is made with the intention of creating ‘Art For Men’, which is also where the name comes from. When you think of high fashion, it’s impossible to forget about accessorising your feet with style. An impression is made with that very first step one takes. With that purpose, the creative team at Artimen is dedicated to helping clients put their best foot forward with its independent collection of bespoke footwear and the option of requesting custom creations for an exclusive Artimen Original.