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Article: Inception of Artimen 

Inception of Artimen 

Inception of Artimen 

The Shoe Garage, popularly known as TSG, has been in the retail sector for over two decades (estd in 1999). TSG is the main manufacturing unit with substantial experience in the footwear industry with exports beyond the country, namely Russia, Portugal, USA, and Saudi Arabia.

Having learnt and mastered the techniques of handcrafting shoes himself, Rajan Khanna set the core of the brand on a solid base to help expand his operations.

The Beginning: 

Watching his father work on shoes, Sukrit took an interest in learning the ways of handcrafting shoes with a few years of training under Rajan. Artimen started out as a small workshop with a father-son collaboration between Rajan Khanna (founder of TSG) and Sukrit Khanna (founder of Artimen), with the simple goal of creating men’s bespoke formal shoes for clients all over Delhi. 

As the company grew, so did the brand’s reputation for creating quality shoes with a large selection of designs that ranged from the traditional to the bold.  

Artimen’s handcrafted soles offer patrons flexibility for designs that match their personality and every sole is made and detailed by the very best craftsmen who pursue perfection in their craft that makes every creation all the more special.  

As the years went by so did the demand for unique shoes, with deliveries made all over the country as well as internationally to London, Dubai, and Canada. 

What started out as a small workshop in the capital of India grew into a brand of international repute, making bold style statements in the world of bespoke shoes with a philosophy of creating art for men.


About Artimen

Artimen is, at its core, a brand that defines itself by the quality of its craftsmanship. Every shoe has a passionate artisan behind the design and construction. 

Art is a constant pursuit and Artimen constantly brings new designs to the table while still offering handcrafted creations of classic shoes out of respect for their history and tradition. 

The brand also specialises in custom orders for those occasions that require something truly special and a vast experience in customisation allows for a lot of creative flexibility with designs. 

Every pair is made with quality materials for the absolute best results, which is always an expression of an art form that has existed for many generations. The main motive is to create Art for Men.

Quality Craftsmanship 

Our craftsmen are passionate about their creations and every product is handcrafted in pursuit of excellence. We believe that for the best pair of shoes for a client, it needs to pass through people who are aware of the work going into the shoe. Hence, we at Artimen make sure that everyone from our factory to the showroom, including the owners, knows how to handcraft a pair of shoes. This helps us keep a single line of communication and helps better understand the requirements of each individual customer.

Creative Expression 

We offer a broad range of options on custom orders for clients who are looking for personalised designs for a truly special occasion. Our artisans have the freedom to think of a design unique to them and craft it using their skills at our factory. This helps us stimulate new ideas and designs for shoes that are popular amongst people who visit our showroom. 

Having no limitations or set of rules to our designs is something that has helped us put forth the boldest to the classiest designs in our showroom.

 Tradition Inspired 

Every sole is inspired by the rich tradition and history of every shoe within our collections. Our handcrafted shoes have inspiration in the form of a fusion between the traditional and modern ways. Our artisans focus on crafting footwear using traditional ways to incorporate modern designs to present a classic pair that delivers the passion for the purist in all of our clients.

 Where we are

Since our inception in 2016, Artimen designs are available in over 15 showrooms across India with our flagship store in Shahpurjat, New Delhi.

We are also proud to have had a display zone in Levels Mall in Dubai for a year in 2017 next to Christian Louboutin. The famed designer also dropped in for a word with our young team to give some advice and words of encouragement.

Going ahead, Artimen plans to continue transforming visions of creativity into tangible pieces of art through bespoke shoes crafted to perfection.




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