The Indian Footwear Industry and Artimen

It was in the year 1887 that the first ever modern footwear industry was established. Ever since then, the Indian footwear industry has been witnessing an upgrade in the level of footwear technology being implemented within the manufacturing process. However the industry has now started incorporating modern machinery.

Also with The introduction of machines by Shoes, Indian footwear industry is still famous for its convoluted handcrafted way of crafting shoes and metallic embroidery on traditional shoes.

To give a rough figure or an estimate, India's major share of export relating to footwear computes to about 82% of the total export mainly to European countries and USA. For instance Walmart –US retailers along with some other international retail Giants have been sourcing footwear from India since last few years.

With these developments within the footwear manufacturing system,it has embarked great advancements in terms of the contributions made to the GDP.


Indian footwear is mostly handmade and handcrafted which provides it a more traditional look and eventually works in favour of local retailers and brands as it acts as a special attraction to foreign customers in foreign markets along with a true sense of craftsmanship.


The availability of Rawhide and skins, fine quality leather, Skilled workforce, hands-on experience with knowledge strengthens our footwear industry and allows it to diversify itself into various segments, suiting different sets of customers like: Mid range, high end, sports, etc.


Mr. Rajan Khanna, founder of TSG - The Shoe Garage, has been a mentor to all our craftsmen. He has been a guide to all for the know-how of footwear and has led them through all stages making TSG as one of the top leaders in local footwear brands.


He was named as the first Indian amongst 4 Asians who started customising shoes in Delhi 15-20 years back and still manages to teach them new ways of designing making and finishing shoes till date not only for TSG but also for Artimen.


Artimen believes in Cultivating culture and passion in all their designs. Sukrit Khanna along with his father Rajan Khanna has brought in new designs and Modern ways of marketing them. He has made sure that the team works as a family and stays abreast with the modern day world with a hint of our culture and tradition.

Our team comprises craftsmen who have been associated with the footwear industry for the last 30 years. To give more emphasis on the bonding and passion that we have working with our craftsman we would like to tell our audience that this team has been together from the beginning hence making it a family that lives together and works together.


As Sukrit Khanna, the founder of Artimen, says “My father himself is an institute to learn about the footwear industry, hence I leave no opportunity to grab his ideas and mix it up with my own”.